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T. Rachael Mott, Certified Life Planner

T. Rachael Mott; Servant, Adventurer, Facilitator, Truth Seeker.

I am a believer, wife, dog mom, grandmother, mindset coach, corporate executive, and a dedicated wellness practitioner in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

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I'm Rachael, your guide on this transformative journey toward a purpose-driven life. With a dual career path that has not only seen me driving profitability for global technology organizations but also empowering individuals to articulate and pursue their dreams, my life’s mission is to facilitate personal discovery and purpose realization. As a certified Life Plan Facilitator, I bring a wealth of experience and a proven framework to help you navigate your life's path, focusing on creating a legacy that speaks to your deepest aspirations.

My journey into mindfulness and physical wellness began years ago but was kicked into high gear during the global pause brought on by the pandemic when I embraced yoga. This discipline became more than just a form of exercise for me; it's a practice of mindfulness that quiets my mind and allows me to live in the moment, fostering presence and intentionality in every aspect of life. This holistic approach to wellness complements my professional experience, where I've led various programs to empower women, providing them with the tools needed for personal and professional growth.

Home for me are the breathtaking San Juan Mountains, where nature's majesty is a constant source of inspiration and connection to God. It's here that I partake in year-round adventures – from skiing to kayaking, climbing, and more – each activity brings me closer to the divine and reminds me of life's beauty and potential. When I'm not exploring the great outdoors, you'll find me in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and sharing the joy of a home-cooked meal with friends and family. My passion for travel has taken me to the farthest corners of the earth, each destination offering a new perspective on God's magnificent creation and the shared human experience.

I aim to share these passions and insights with you through my retreat business. Whether seeking clarity on your life's purpose, enhancing your mindset, or simply wanting to embrace a more mindful and purpose-driven life, I'm here to support and guide you on this journey. Together, we'll explore the tools and practices that can empower you to lead a fulfilling and impactful life, leaving behind a legacy that future generations will cherish.

Let's embark on this journey together, discovering the path that leads you to your most authentic self and highest calling. - Rachael

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