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Jess Lewis

Chef, Master Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practioner, plant nerd, tab hoarder, nap taker. Obsessed with nutritional psychology and nervous system health.

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The Food is My Story

"Food is the ultimate medicine, and cooking, the most vibrant form of alchemy. Let’s embrace the healing journey together, one plate at a time." – Jess

Hello 👋 from the lush landscapes of Western North Carolina, where the ancient forest whispers secrets of healing and sustenance. I’m Jess, your guide to the alchemical world where culinary innovation meets the timeless wisdom of herbalism.

A Journey Through Flavor and Time:

Embark on a culinary adventure with me, where each dish tells a deep ancestral story, each herb carries a legacy, and every meal is an opportunity for growth and healing. My approach is about nourishing the body and awakening the soul to the rhythm of nature.

In my kitchen, ancient practices meet modern innovation. I weave the art of functional herbalism into each recipe, turning the simple act of eating into a holistic experience. This journey started nearly three decades ago, fueled by a love for nature and a curiosity for the traditional cuisines of our ancestors.

The Heart of Apothecarian Cuisine:

Imagine a world where food does more than just satisfy hunger. In this world, meals are crafted with intention, blending the healing properties of herbs with the culinary arts and aligning them to our unique body constitutions to create a symphony of flavors that heal, energize, and soothe. This is the essence of Apothecarian Cuisine, a path I've pioneered to bring the healing power of nature directly to your plate.

My Mission:

To you, my friend, I offer more than just recipes. I offer a new way to see, taste, and interact with food. Through my cookbooks, workshops, and retreats at SōlFire Wellness, I invite you to explore the vibrant intersection of taste, health, and tradition. Let's rediscover the joy of cooking as an act of love, healing, and community.

On the Road with Jess:

My journey is one of constant exploration and discovery. From the wild herbs of the Appalachian mountains to the bustling markets of distant lands, I seek out the magic hidden in plain sight. Each ingredient tells a story, and I am here to share these stories with you.

In our fast-paced world, we often forget the simple pleasures, like the taste of a freshly picked herb or the comfort of a home-cooked meal. I'm here to remind you of these forgotten joys and guide you back to the simple, healing practices our bodies and spirits crave.

Let's Connect:

Whether on the mat, in the kitchen, or the heart of nature, our paths are intertwined. Join me in this delicious exploration of life, where every meal is an adventure, and every dish is a step closer to well-being.

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